Let’s Improve Sex Education in Iceland

Sex Education in Iceland today usually consists of one school day of learning. When we give students get this one day of SexEd it is when they are in the 8th grade. Which is when they are 13-14 year old.

The education itself focuses mostly on heterosexual sex, cis, white, thin, non-disabled bodies with perfect smooth skin. And on STI’s and STD’s and different kinds of contraception.

Calling for a change in Sex Education

Recently, the creator of the instagram account @fávitar has been calling out for better Sex Education in Iceland. The account was created in 2017 to shed light on what is happening online in regards to sexual harassment and to call out harassers. Today the main focus of the site is to call out rape culture in general. But it also promotes sex education, especially to young people, but also just to anyone willing to learn.

The current campaign that Sólborg, the creator of @fávitar, has going on is to urge her followers to send emails to our Minister of Education, asking her for better Sex Education programs in our school system.

Today i sent my letter to Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, the Minister of Education in Iceland, asking for a change. You can see the letter, and a translation below.

My letter to the Minister of Education

Hello Lilja,

I’m calling out for better Sex Education in the schools in our country. I want there to be more of it, and for it to be appropriately taught to each age group.

I call for this change in my own name. As a 34 year old woman who never got enough Sex Education which led to the following, directly and indirectly. Being ashamed when i started my period at 11 and hiding it from my parent. Allowing boys and men to go further than i was comfortable with for many years. Getting raped at 18.

I call for this change in the name of my company, Reykjavík Feminist Walking Tour. It has the objective to strengthen and maintain our collective knowledge on the history and actions of Icelandic women. But it’s objective is also to stand with women and causes that have to do with their wellbeing.

I call for this change to support people that have had a similar story to mine and to support people that have never been represented in the Sexual Education materials. For example disabled people, trans people, intersex people, fat people etc.

I call for this change to support children that, should this change happen, will get empowered through knowing their own bodies, their own wants and their own boundaries.

We need to teach children more!

We need to teach all children about their bodies and they have to be taught about all kinds of bodies. Disabled, non-disabled, coloured, intersex, fat, slim, trans, hairy, freckled and pimpled.

We need to teach children about consent. Education about consent can never start too early, it is always appropriate and needs to be taught in a formal way. We have to integrate consent into education whenever possible.

Children have to be taught about all kinds of sexual acts between all genders, sexes and sexualities.

We need to teach children about masturbation and take away the stigma connected to sexual pleasure.

Thank you for the step you have already taken, requesting a meeting with Sólborg, that has done many good things in regards to SexEd. The next step is to take this even further. We need to put additional, and better SexEd on the curriculum at all school levels.


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