The tour is completely accessible to all wheel-chairs, no steps or high curbs are passed during the tour. We pass a few traffic streets where there is a lowered curb where the drop is around 3cm. If any further information on wheelchair accessibility is needed please contact me:


The tour has around ten stops and the walking distance between them is around 1-4 minutes, and we usually stop for about 5-10 minutes at each stop. The tour is mostly on level ground, but we go up a hill, and then down it again in the first quarter of the tour. Most of the stops have benches or places to sit, only one of them has absolutely no place to sit down.

If you require a place to sit down at the stops where it is available, you can let me know so I can help you in snagging spots as I arrive at each stop first.

I will always make sure the whole tour group is with me so don’t worry about your walking speed. If you feel I am walking to fast please let me know and I will keep up with your pace.

If any further information on walking accessibility is needed please contact me:


There are no scheduled bathroom breaks on the tour. But there are a few public restrooms available in the vicinity of the tour. Let me know and I’ll point you to the nearest one.

Other accessibility

For blind or visibly impaired people I’m happy to describe the surroundings to them or be of any other assistance that might be required in regards to the tour.

For deaf or hard of hearing people I am for example able to print out text on each stop or be of any other assistance that might be required in regards to the tour.

The tour is still a work in progress and I am currently still working on having the tour fully accessible for all. Until it is at that level I am however ready accommodate all accessibility needs that might arise as long as I am able to.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or comments.

How to get there…

The meeting point of the tour is by the statue of Móðurást, in the park Mæðragarðurinn (Mother’s Park). The park is located at the North-East corner of Tjörnin (the pond in the centre of Reykjavík. See map below and photo of the statue.

The statue Móðurást (Mother's Love). Image is in black and white. The statue depicts a naked woman with short hair, holding a naked baby while looking directly at it sternly but lovingly.