About The Reykjavík Feminist Walking Tour

The Reykjavík Feminist Walking Tour started in the spring of 2019 as an idea and then evolved into an actual tour in the autumn. The intention of the tour is to give everyone an insight into the herstory of Reykjavík and Iceland with an intersectional scope.

Along with an insight into the history of the women of Reykjavík and Iceland, the tour will also take a closer look at where women and marginalized groups in Iceland stand today and what our next steps are in our fight to reach equality.


“a great walk around downtown Reykjavik, where Tinna led us through feminists’ footsteps. Reykjavik Feminist Walking Tour reveals the city's revolutionary history.”

The Women Rights Association of Iceland

“I share my thoughts, feel free to browse my blog section"

Tinna Eik Rakelardóttir